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Carbon Fiber Heating Clothing

Carbon Fiber Heating Clothing

In recent years, there are a lot of heating clothes emerging in the market.With the progress of society, the ways of keeping warm are also developing.Carbon fiber as a heating element, applied in clothing, has the characteristics of high efficiency, safety, mobility, comfort and so on, and the main technology and application of carbon fiber clothing positioning exploration.

Heating clothing is different from thermal clothing, thermal clothing is to reduce the loss of human heat to achieve the purpose of keeping warm, and thermal clothing is to generate heat through external heat source, active heating of the human body to keep warm.Electric energy, solar energy, chemical energy can be used as a source of heat.At present, electric energy is the most mature application in heating.According to the different materials of heating elements, electric heating clothing can be divided into electric heating wire heating clothing and carbon fiber heating clothing.Compared with the former, the latter has many advantages and has become the mainstream choice in the design of electronic thermal clothing.

1. Characteristics of carbon fiber heating clothes.

(1) Safe to use
Carbon fiber has a good calorific value at a low voltage of 2-24V, so it is more suitable for use in heating clothes in the conventional heating technology.

(2) Temperature control accuracy
Carbon fiber heating has a rapid rise in temperature, and it can quickly return to the original temperature after power failure. Compared with traditional heating wire, carbon fiber has precise temperature control characteristics.

(3) Comfortable to wear
The carbon fiber is made into a heating element by a thousand filaments and put into the garment, which is light, breathable and soft. It can be completely machine washed, and it is very convenient and comfortable for people to wear.

2. Positioning of the heating clothing.

Combined with the safety and flexibility of the carbon fiber heating element, it is very suitable and comfortable to put it in the clothes that are in contact with the human body. With the battery can be powered for several hours, the convenience is more suitable for military uniforms, mountaineering suits, ski wear, cold storage uniforms, fishing boat clothing and so on. The temperature of this type of clothing is generally controlled between 40-60, and the temperature can be adjusted by itself.

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