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We Do Our Best to Heat the World, and You Can Also Enjoy the Latest Fashion with Us Either

Sophisticated, well-experienced R&D team offers heating technology solutions; We have our own in-house engineer team armed with an international vision and sophisticated R&D capabilities.

One-stop, integrated manufacturing operation, make sure the fast delivery; With over 10 years of experience on supplying heating pad (heat therapy pad), heated jacket and other heated clothing and pain-relief heating pad to clients across the world, we have our own heated jacket and other heated clothing manufacturing base & have formed an integrated industrial chain for heated clothing production, starting from mold-opening (such as battery and chips) to assembling of end products.

Fashion-conscious, trend-setting design team, offers professional graphic design service; besides the in-house designers, we also work with famous fashion designers such as Miss Deng Zhao Ping, who is China's TOP 10 fashion designer. So we always keenly aware of the latest trends in fashion for style, color and material, our professional designers produce styled new heated jacket and other heated clothing models every year for our broad clientele to choose from.



Heating Technology + Fashion Design + Effective Branding + Practical Function = Winning Products

We know how to control the inside heat made from the carbon fiber wire, carbon fiber heating wire is an energy-saving hotline, using imported advanced carbon fiber heating element, high mechanical strength and extremely long service life, the hotline light weight, soft, bent into various shapes, easily made more kind of heating element combination, with our own in-house heated jacket testing lab.

We are capable of ascertaining a product's shape features much earlier in the R&D process and making adjustments whenever and wherever necessary, thereby substantially shortening the R&D cycles and putting new products on the market sooner than ever. Streamlined, responsive and cost-effective R&D procedure.

Our clearly defined and regulated R&D procedure can help greatly reduce the communication costs, effectively avoid duplicated R&D efforts and wastes.Briefly, we enjoy three major R&D advantages:

1)if you can furnish a sketch CAD illustration, we have the capability and expertise to turn it into a concrete product;

2) if you can provide us with a picture of the model you like, we are also well capable of converting that into a concrete product;

3) if you have your own designers who produce drawings, that will be even better and easier for us to finish the end product.






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