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THE inside "secret" of carbon fiber heating TECHNOLOGY

Far infrared and its therapeutic properties have been studied in China and Japan for over 40 years. Researchers have found far infrared can be helpful for enhancing blood circulation, reducing pain, strengthening the cardiovascular system, easing joint stiffness and inflammation, and revitalizing skin cells, and there is far-infrared when the carbon fiber wire heating, so you can really enjoy the treatment with our heating items.

Carbon fiber insulated heater wires are ideal for quality applications in heating pads, electric blankets, and similar low wattage applications. Carbon fiber heating wire has an advanced carbon fiber heating element that gives it strength and durability. It is a lightweight material that is soft and bends into many different shapes.

Besides the integration of electrically heated carbon fibers in various designs, we offer the production with insulated heating strands. For heat generation, the interconnections need to be contacted on both sides.

Carbon fiber heating wire is an energy-saving hotline, using imported advanced carbon fiber heating element, high mechanical strength and extremely long service life, the hotline light weight, soft, bent into various shapes, easily made more kind of heating element combination module can easily be adapted to the needs of a variety of heating applications.

Carbon fiber heating wire features:

1,rapid heating, electric conversion efficiency of 98 %, and energy saving.

2,the far-infrared radiation rate, 8-15mm infrared temperature radiant beneficial to humans.

3,good oxidation resistance heating element, not aging, durable.

4,the resistance value is stable, even heating, heating temperature, the heat energy can be with the wire length, voltage regulation control.

5,high tensile strength. Allowable current in the same area under the load, the strength of carbon fibers is 6-10 times higher than the metal wire, in the course of the break does not occur, so the heating process there is no change in tensile strength.

6,can not afford to break the arc, effectively prevent fires.

7,light weight, effectively reduce the weight member, thereby improving the performance of component technology.

8,chemical stability ( corrosion-resistant , not easy to be oxidized ). In the absence of oxygen and heated to 3000 degrees, the mechanical properties without any change in the electric state of the wire to overcome, PTC, silicon carbide heating low strength, easily oxidized blown shortcomings.

9,long life - carbon fiber heating element and building with life.

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