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Knowledgeable Solution Provider for Heating Pad (Heat Therapy Pad), Heated Clothing, Heated Apparel, Heated Jacket, Heated Gloves, etc

Our production line ranges from battery powered electric HEATING PAD(heat therapy pad), heated jacket, heated gloves, heated vest, heated hoodie, heated pants and all other heated clothing. MAINIKO is initially a heated jacket and heating pad manufacturer, with more than 10 years experience in manufacturing all types of heating pads and heated jackets and other heated clothing.

Being located in Dongguan, China with One-stop, integrated manufacturing operation, MAINIKO has successfully built strong relationships with satisfied clients worldwide and manufactures heating pad, heated jacket and other heated clothing and heat therapy pad for heated jacket retailers, heated apparel distributors, outdoor sports clubs, nursing home, branded heating jacket companies and manufacturers.

Best in Class Heating Pad, Heated Jacket and Other Heated Clothing Manufacturing Solutions

MAINIKO is located in Dongguan China, and conveniently connected to the Hong Kong international trade hub. Heating pad, heated jackets and other heated clothing that MAINIKO made are more than just cost effective; Our facilities meet rigorous quality standards and workers are well educated, certified.

We have established a recognized expertise in producing various heating pad, heated jacket and other heated clothing such as heated gloves, heated vest, heated hoodie, heated coat, heated liner, heated pants, heated motorcycle gear, heated ski gear, heat therapy pads, etc.

We are Not Just Doing the Heated Gears, We are Actually Doing the Fashion and Healthy

MAINIKO has both in-house designers and associated domestic famous fashion designers such as Miss Deng Zhao Ping, who is China’s TOP 10 fashion designers, also with the over 12-year working experience engineers in carbon fiber heating technology, so we can combine the fashion,function and technology together. This enables a seamless manufacturing process of production including:

  • Design (OEM/ODM)
  • Carbon fiber heating Engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Advanced Product function Technology
  • Manufacturing and Supply Chain Service

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