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Developing Trend of Heated Apparel

Developing Trend of Heated Apparel

As we all know, the clothing and footwear industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry. The traditional competition is fierce. Electric heating shoes, electric heating clothes, electric gloves replace traditional winter clothing, shoes and gloves. After several years of research and development, solve the big problem of heat in sports without damage, now officially put into the market, hundreds of billions of market space.

The carbon fiber material has good flexibility, high calorific value, rapid heat conduction in seconds, and heating for hours. At the same time, the use of heating equipment and international standards, such as modern production, manufacturing, processing technology, so that carbon fiber heating material can be evenly distributed in the clothing, to ensure that the clothing can multi-angle, all-round 3D heat, in the process of heating It also produces mysterious far-infrared light waves. Mysterious far-infrared rays act on the human body. Warm love self-heating clothing can help the body regulate immunity, promote blood circulation, promote the body's metabolic vitality, help relieve joint pain, backache, shoulder pain, and is a good winter cold health care equipment, ect. Here are two aspects to analyze the market prospects for everyone:

First, more market opportunities.
1. Emerging industries.
2. No fierce competition.
3. Easy to promote.

Second, the target market is large.
1.Middle-aged and elderly groups: The heat energy generated by heating shoes can promote blood circulation, enhance human metabolism, have a good preventive effect on hypertension and hyperlipidemia in middle-aged and elderly people.

2.Occupational groups:
(1) All kinds of people in cold regions with high latitudes, suitable for all ages.
(2) Indoor staff: government, enterprises, institutions, teachers, students, business people, etc.
(3) Military police, public security, railways, highways, terminals, subways, drivers, postmen, etc.  

3.Health care groups.
(1) Rheumatoid arthralgia, low back and leg pain, elderly and weak, qi and blood weakness.
(2) Those who are chills, cold, immune, and susceptible to colds.
(3) Those with poor sleep quality, numbness of the feet.
(4) Women with menstrual pain during menstruation.

4.Gift class: filial piety parents, give loved ones, give friends, labor insurance benefits. Temperature control between 45-65 Celsius degree, with temperature, deodorization, moisture, antibacterial, health care and other functions, solve the roots of the cold from the feet, and achieve the role of warmth throughout the winter.

Compared with traditional clothing, it has the functions of self-heating, physiotherapy and health care. It is a breakthrough innovation in the field of traditional clothing. It is at the forefront of the times, allowing the clothing to heat itself to help the body resist the cold. The effective heating and warming characteristics are generally sought after by consumers. Warm Love Self-heating apparel products cover a full range of products to meet people's needs for cold weather. Fever clothing products, soft texture, high calorie quality, expelling cold to make winter no longer cold! This winter, it will set off a new round of consumption boom.

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