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Heated Jacket Is The Best Choice For Us

Heated Jacket Is The Best Choice For Us In Winter

The arrival of winter means that the cold weather will accompany us the whole winter, which is very troublesome for us to go out outdoors. When going outdoors with family and friends or doing professional outdoor sports, the most headache is wearing thick and very bloated. On the one hand, it is not fashionable, on the other hand, it is not convenient.

How can we keep our body warm while wearing fashionable clothes?Let me tell you, Heated Jacket is the best choice for us in winter. 

First of all, we use a carbon fiber heating principle to heated jacket, and let our heating areas quickly dissipate heat in a few seconds. Our heating area has 5 heating areas, which have 5 pieces heating elements, which are distributed on the shoulders of the clothes, and the abdomen, waist, stomach and back,perfect heat distribution,please don't worry that the body will be unevenly heated. And this kind of heated elements, we had pass the test, it can go through numerous washing, and it will not cause the heating piece to be unable to heat up, so you can safely put it into the washing machine to rinse.

In addition, we use the power bank to provide the heat source. The specific performance on the clothes is that there is a pocket on the left pocket, there is a USB cable inside, the power bank is connected, the button switch is activated, and the heating piece inside the heating jacket can be heated. The body feels the heat coming. We can adjust the temperature of the gear by pressing the button. Our temperature button have 3 heating levels (high,medium and low),Red for high 55℃,White for medium 50℃,Blue for low 45℃,with 5 heating area inside the heated jacket,warm from your shoulder,back and waist and stomach.

I think you also want to know, what kind of material is the heating jacket made of? Our material is 100% polyester, durable fabric.And the designer uses the concept of fashion, in the soft fabric shell, heating jacket does not lose excess heat. The most important thing is that our heating jacket is not only windproof but also water resistant.Even in the case of strong winds, we don't have to be afraid. Heating jacket allows us to go upwind.

In the cold winter, the chill is coming, when we want to go out for outdoor activities with family, friends, and lovers. At this time, our heated jacket is your best choice, give your family, your lover, your friend, buy a heated jacket and keep them warm and beautiful in the whole winter!

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