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heated scarf

heated scarf

In cold winter days, a nice scarf is what most people would instantly reach for to keep one’s neck area warm. But before your neck starts to feel warm, it’ll take a little time before your body temperature warms up the scarf. So we thought, wouldn’t it be even better if this scarf could generate warmth on its own?

Heated Scarf Features
1.One size fits all and unisex.
2.Keeps neck warm and cozy
3.Soft, plush unisex design
4.De-stress while you stay cozy in cold weather
5.3 Temperature setting:Low, Middle,High
6.Machine washable

Stay Warm and Cozy Wherever You Are 
Even though this might not apply to everyone, I am sure many people have experienced working in a cold office, especially those who sit right by the air condition. This is especially true during the Winter. With such low temperature, it is easy for someone’s productivity to drop and it even increases the chances of someone falling sick. With the Mainiko Heated Scarf, you are only one plug away from staying warm.

2.Shopping Mall/Restaurants
Shopping malls and restaurants seem to be another place where the air conditions are always set to the coldest during the Winter. With the weather being so hot outside, it would be very troublesome for one to carry a jacket around. One of the best features of the Heated Scarf is that it is easily accessible. With such convenience, you can comfortably stay warm and even look fashionable with the Heated Scarf wherever you are. 

When you working after a long day, it is time to give your neck a good rest. Put on our comfortable warming scarf, sit back & relax the tense neck muscles. It is like the comfort of a hot towel on your neck, but it doesn’t get cold. If you are interested pls click

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