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Plus Size Polyester Street Wear Longline Heated Sweatshirt for Running

MNK-G09 3/5 Heating Area Sportswear Battery Heated Hoodies ...

Gray Oversize Street Wear Heated Hoodie Jacket Unisex Sportwear

MNK-G36-1, 5 Heating Area, Sportswear USB Battery Heated Hoodie ...

Blue Unisex Oversize Street Wear USB Heated Sport Wear

MNK-G36-2, 5 Heating Area, Sportswear USB Battery Heated Hoodie ...

Black Embroidery Patch Unisex Cotton Heated Pullover Hoodie

MNK-C03, 5 Heating Area, Casual or Sporting Wearing Heated Pullover ...

Oversize Street Wear Black Heated Sweatshirt for Casual Wearing and Sporting

MNK-C02, 5 Heating Area, Sportswear Battery Heated Hoodies ...

Camo Pattern Oversize Pullover USB Battery Camouflage Clothing Heated Hoodies

MNK-C01, 5 Heating Area, CAMO Rechargeable Electric Battery Heated Hoodies ...

MAINIKO Updated Design Polar Fleece Girls Heated Hoodie

MNK-G36-1, 5 Heating Area, Feminine Sportswear USB Battery Heated Hoodie ...

OEM Design Electric Rechargeable Battery Unisex Sweatshirt Women and Men USB Heated Hoodie

MNKV-12, 5 Heating Area, Feminine Sportswear USB Battery Heated Hoodie ...

Experienced Manufacturer = Solution Provider

With over 10 years of experience on supplying heating pad (heat therapy pad), heated jacket and other heated clothing and pain-relief heating pad to clients across the world, besides the in-house designers, we also work with famous fashion designers such as Miss Deng Zhao Ping, who is China’s TOP 10 fashion designer.

So we always keenly aware of the latest trends in fashion for style, color and material, our professional designers produce styled new heated jacket and other heated clothing models every year for our broad clientele to choose from.

What You Can Benefit from The Far Infrared

Far infrared and its therapeutic properties have been studied in China and Japan for over 40 years. Researchers have found far infrared can be helpful for enhancing blood circulation, reducing pain, strengthening the cardiovascular system, easing joint stiffness and inflammation, and revitalizing skin cells, and there is far-infrared when the carbon fiber wire heating, so you can really enjoy the treatment with our heating items.

Carbon Fiber Can Do more

Carbon fiber insulated heater wires are ideal for quality applications in heating pads, electric blankets, and similar low wattage applications. Carbon fiber heating wire has an advanced carbon fiber heating element that gives it strength and durability.

It is a lightweight material that is soft and bends into many different shapes. Besides the integration of electrically heated carbon fibers in various designs, we offer the production with insulated heating strands. For heat generation, the interconnections need to be contacted on both sides.

Tough Material Meets Tough Demands

Since our heated clothing items are mostly used in tough environment, and sometimes play as a gear for hunting, fishing, skiing and even for outdoor construction outwear, then it must be tough enough to bear all, so we keep focusing on finding the suitable fabric materials to be water-proof, wind-proof, etc, such as Thinsulate, Waffle Fleece, Polyester, Nylon, DWR laminate, GORE-TEX, etc, we can provide you with ONE-STOP-SOLUTION without hassles, our professional designer and engineer are ready to satisfy your desire.

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MAINIKO is located in Dongguan China, close to Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Heating pad, heated jackets and other heated clothing that MAINIKO made are more than just cost effective; Our facilities meet rigorous quality standards and workers are well educated, certified. MAINIKO has establish a recognized expertise in producing various heating pad, heated jacket and other heated clothing such as heated gloves, heated vest, heated hoodie, heated coat, heated liner, heated pants, heated motorcycle gear, heated ski gear, heat therapy pads, etc.


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