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Can intelligent heating vest be washed w

Can intelligent heating vest be washed with water?

A vest that is powered by a mobile power supply to heat and keep warm is called a heating vest or an electric heating vest. As a kind of functional clothing, the heating vest can continuously provide heat, and there are three levels of temperature that can be adjusted to keep you warm even in the coldest and worst weather conditions. Although the hot vest can be electrified and heated, it is a daily clothes and needs to be changed and washed. Can the hot vest be washed with water? First uncover the answer: you can wash it!
Sometimes high-tech TPU (durable and waterproof) coating is used for heating vest or heating coat according to the needs of customers. TPU can prevent the outer layer from absorbing water, but does not affect the air permeability; It turns water molecules into small water droplets and flows out from the outermost layer, so that the micro wool filled in our clothes is not affected, so if we suddenly encounter drizzle weather, the wearer can still keep dry and comfortable. In addition, the heating system such as heating plate and connecting wire of heating vest has waterproof design, which will not affect the normal use of heating clothes after washing and drying.

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