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How to clean the intelligent heating ves

How to clean the intelligent heating vest?

The correct cleaning operation can reduce the damage to the heating vest, and maintain the heating vest from the fabric to the heating system to keep the heating vest efficient and warm. The correct cleaning operation of heating vest is very simple. The cleaning steps are as follows:
Step 1: remove the mobile power supply
Each heating vest is equipped with a waterproof and high-capacity battery, which can usually protect the battery to a great extent. However, when cleaning, the heating vest is soaked in water. If the battery is not removed, the battery will be easily flooded and damaged. If you put the hot vest into the washing machine for cleaning, you need to remove the battery, because both the battery and the washing machine may cause damage.
Step 2: remove strong stains
Before cleaning, put the interface wire of the heating vest back into the pocket and pull back the zipper. Machine wash needs to be put into the laundry net bag. Whether it's a snowstorm soiling a hot vest or accidentally getting greasy when eating, stubborn stains are always a headache. For spots with dirt and dry sweat, use diluted detergent solution, preferably liquid, and mix half with water, shake to ensure that there is no undiluted detergent residue, and then spray the solution on any dyeing point and let it stand for about 30 minutes before cleaning.
Step 3: wash the heating vest
If you choose hand washing, you only need to wash the hot vest as an ordinary vest. If you choose machine wash, select soft mode. In addition, machine washing also needs to pay attention to keep away from ultra hot water, fabric softener and bleach to avoid damaging the heating vest. Just use normal temperature water for normal cleaning.
Step 4: dry the heating vest
After the hot vest is cleaned, it needs to be dried in a place with light or natural ventilation. Drying the hot vest is a slow process, so it takes more time, which is also a delicate thing. Try not to use the dryer to dry the heating vest, so as not to accidentally damage the heating system of the heating vest and destroy the thermal effect of the heating vest.
The cleaning operation of heating vest is very simple. You only need to remove the battery to clean it as ordinary clothes. Only the heating vest has a built-in heating system after all. Although there are relevant protection and waterproof designs, in order to better protect the thermal effect of the heating vest, it is natural to be more cautious when cleaning. The intelligent heating vest is safe in heating, can be washed with water at ease, and is easy to use and clean.

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