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Let's Talk About Camouflage Clothing

Let's Talk About Camouflage Clothing

Camouflage Clothing

● Color Composition
Camouflage clothing is a basic type of training clothes. "Camouflage" is a new type of protective color composed of irregular patterns of green, yellow, tea, black and other colors. The camouflage suit requires that its reflected light waves be roughly the same as those reflected by the surrounding scenes. It not only confuses the enemy's naked eye reconnaissance, but also counters infrared reconnaissance, making it difficult for the enemy's modern surveillance instruments to capture the target.

● History & Development
The earliest used camouflage color military uniform was the British Army. In 1864, when the British army made a reconnaissance team uniform, the khaki military uniform was selected for the characteristics of the local yellow land and the large sand and sand. The prototype of the camouflage suit can be traced back to Scotland's Ghillie Suit. Originally a camouflage used by hunters, it was said to have been invented by hunter Ghillie, mainly used in stealth in the jungle to paralyze birds for hunting.
Today, camouflage is not only used in soldiers' uniforms and helmets, but camouflage is also commonly used in military equipment such as airplanes and military vehicles.
Moreover, not only the national army has the privilege of wearing camouflage clothing, in the eyes of young people, camouflage clothing has long been a feature of fashion trends. Camouflage T-shirts, camouflage trousers, camouflage hats, camouflage vests, camouflage coats, camouflage gloves and other series of clothing, loved by young men and women. Just like denim, every once in a while, there is always a resurgence of camouflage clothing.

● The Role of Clothing
The camouflage uniform is a camouflage uniform that uses color patches to blend the soldier's body in the background color.
Ancient military uniforms often use more striking colors, which can make the military uniform, easy to identify, and use more red. This can cover up the blood to reduce the panic caused by the soldiers.

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