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What Kinds of Goods Could Add Heating Fa

What Kinds of Goods Could Add Heating Factors?

The world full of wonders. There is nothing that humans can't do, only what we can't think of.

Our factory Mainiko mainly produce far-infrared fever garments for health rehabilitation treatments. In recent years, we have focused on the development of multi-functional products. It is precisely because of the need for multi-functional product development, we have jumped out of the existing product framework, to develop more products than not only apparel, more people can feel, touch things, and then add our existing features. To realize the idea of multi-element and multi-functional integration.

I don't know if you have thought about it. In addition to the electric blankets that we are familiar with and close to, can your scarf be heated? Some people may think that after a scarf is wrapped around the neck, it will warm up in a few seconds. Why bother to design it as a fever? But the greetings from the winter sometimes do not develop towards the ideal climate zone of mankind. Extreme weather has appeared frequently in the past ten years. If it is in the harsh winter, it is only relying on human energy to heat it. Then, in a day, it is very likely that the energy is insufficient, resulting in insufficient blood, anemia, lack of oxygen and even physical strength.


Since it is possible to use non-human energy to replenish, why consume energy to cause physical discomfort? As a result, the heated clothing is popular all over the world, especially in the north of the Tropic of Cancer, popular in the countries south of the Tropic of Cancer. Immediately afterwards, any object that can be worn on the body has been heated by the manufacturer, such as: heated hat, heated gloves, heated skirt, heated shawl, heated insoles, etc.


Most of the above examples are used on people, as well as our popular car heating cushions, office sofa heating blankets, and mini-sized heating mattresses, which are popular among the public.


Sometimes, not only adults have the right to enjoy wearing heating products, but also for babies, children, and seniors! Because the carbon fiber heating wire we produce is beneficial to human beings, it is harmless to human beings. As long as it is used properly and pay attention to the method of use, our heating products are suitable for both young and old.

Perhaps one day, the fever products can be separated from humans, used on the objects of human love, and on the beloved pets, so that more living creatures can enjoy the happiness brought by temperature!

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