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The Best Electric Blanket of 2019

The Best Electric Blanket of 2019

It’s hard to describe in words how good the feeling of a warm bed in winter really is. Of course, if you own an electric blanket, you probably already know that feeling! They’re a great convenience.

1.Important features to consider:

Safety wires: The thinner the wire, the easier it is to wrap the blanket around yourself and relax or sleep more comfortably. Thinner, more flexible wires add to your comfort and make the blanket easier to store in summer months (since it folds up smaller).

Comfort: Luxurious materials like soft microfleece and plush sherpa make today’s electric blankets more comfortable than ever.

Auto-shutoff: Never worry about leaving your electric blanket on when you leave for work; auto-shutoff gives you peace of mind and makes for safer use.

2.AC vs conversion to DC power:

As there are lots of blankets with low-voltage&high voltage on the marketing,so let’s talk about that. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology School of Engineering gives a thorough explanation, which we’ll summarize here. Alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) are different types of voltage or current used for the conduction and transmission of electrical energy. AC is the dominant power source you’ll find in daily-use items like lamps, whereas a battery uses DC power.

The fundamental difference between AC and DC is the direction of flow. DC is constant and moves in one direction, while AC changes over time in a back and forth repetition. This oscillation is the reason AC power can be more dangerous; since the voltage alternates, it can cause current to enter and exit your body even without a closed loop, since your body can store an electrical charge. The higher the voltage, the greater the risk of electrical shock.

3.Electric Blanket Tips

Whether your blanket is a fitted sheet, a throw or a tie-down, there are some basic rules to follow:

Always read the manufacturer’s instructions. This might not be the most interesting few minutes of your life, but it’s essential to understanding your new blanket.

Like any electrical product, an electric blanket should never be used when wet. For extra peace of mind, there are waterproof models available.

Don’t pile up any items – like clothes or washing – on the blanket while it’s hot. This can cause overheating.

4.Are the blanket safe?

It may seem like using an electric blanket comes with many do’s and dont’s, but most of them are fairly common sense. Use your electric blanket safely and you’ll enjoy added warmth and coziness this winter.

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